House from Home: Moberly's (Toye's)

29th January 2021

Moberly’s is one of the school’s oldest boarding houses, located close to the main campus on Kingsgate Street. The house building was originally formed from a number of shops and residential properties, and was founded by The Revd Harry Moberly, the first Housemaster (1860-1880) and first-class cricketer. It is popularly known as Toye's, after the second Housemaster Jack Toye (1880-1899), and its boys are thus Toyeites.

Here four Toyeites share their favourite things about the house.

Toye’s is one of the most successful houses when it comes to sporting achievements, managing to be strong contenders in every house competition and well-represented throughout school teams as well. Toye’s has been the winner of Foster Pot, the junior house football competition, for three years in a row. In the last three years we have also reached the final of the senior football competition twice, winning it once. There is a great sense of house spirit surrounding the sport, with large numbers from Toye’s supporting their housemates, whatever the occasion.

Harry Inglis

Toyeites can always be found at the centre of drama and music throughout the school; which can range from house plays - such as the hilarious Allo Allo! - to schoolwide productions. The recent school play The Merchant of Venice featured a strong Toyeite participation. We also put on an annual house concert, which involves every year group and one performance by the entire house. There are a multitude of orchestras, choirs and bands that anyone can join, which perform in chamber concerts. Toye's has a strong tradition of participation in these concerts, as well as in the many musical groups throughout the school.

Kit Colville

I have always been a picky eater and before coming to Toye’s my main worry was what the food would be like. I need not have worried; the food is good and there is plenty of it. In addition to the three major meals there is elevenses at break, which is always something homemade and delicious, as well cereal, toast and a variety of drinks available throughout the day. All credit goes to chefs Mike, Pat, Wendy and Jose who continually cook wonderful food, and to Kim, Gina, Michelle and Lindsey who keep the house smart and tidy, and run mealtimes with great good humour.

Guy Jones

Nothing can replicate the feeling of home, but Toye’s gets very near because of the close-knit community that it is. Our Matron, Treya, is always on the watch for someone who needs to have an early night or just could do with cheering up. Along with our Housemaster Mr Hart, the tutors come round and check that we are all well daily, so very little slips through the net. Another positive is that older boys look out for younger boys, and there is a general appreciation of the talents that each individual brings to the house.

Paddy Fisher 


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