Especially bright boys may be invited to take part in Election, the academic scholarship exam. 

Election is taken instead of the Winchester Entrance exam. It is a unique and academically-challenging selection process involving both written examinations and interviews. Election typically takes place at the school over three days in the April or May of Year 8.

Those boys who are successful at Election are awarded either:

  • A Scholarship – boys are offered a place in College, the oldest of the school’s boarding houses. On joining the school, they are known as Scholars and are distinct by the gowns they wear.
  • An Exhibition – boys are publicly recognised for their academic ability and accept their existing offer of a place in one of the school’s other boarding houses.
  • Headmaster’s Nominations – an award where a boy has not previously been offered a conditional place at the school or been successful in gaining an Academic Scholarship, but whose exam results are strong enough to gain a place in the school. He will subsequently be offered a place in one of the school’s boarding houses.

Unlike Bursaries, an Academic Scholarship, Exhibition or Headmaster’s Nomination does not automatically carry a remission of school fees. 

The following examples of Election papers from recent years are provided to give prospective pupils an idea of what to expect when they sit the exams.

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