A culture of curiosity

Put simply, inspiring teachers inspire learning. Pupils are hand-picked for their ability to think; dons are selected for their enthusiasm, dedication and expertise.

“My favourite subject is Biology. I have a really interesting and supportive don and I enjoy the wider learning.”


Exam-free exploration

 Old Wykehamist, Matthew Arnold, wrote, “Culture is the pursuit of total perfection by means of getting to know the best which has been thought and said in the world.”

He could as well have been describing Div. Div is our unique programme of general cultural studies. In these lessons, pupils engage with a wide range of subjects, from English Literature to Ancient History to the History of Science. Lessons are often discussion-based, and Div is not bound by the examined curriculum. Teachers who take Div (referred to as ‘Div dons’) are drawn from the whole range of academic departments. As pupils progress through the school, the direction of study is often steered towards their own academic interests.  

“Think of Div as ‘All you need to know about anything you want’ and you pretty much have it.” 



Studying for GCSE and A-Level

The academic pace at Winchester is fast and fulfilling. We do not solely teach pupils to pass exams, but their results speak for themselves. Our GCSE and A-Level programmes prepare pupils for life and learning at university, whilst the EPQ provides additional stretch.


Exam Results & University Destinations

Achieving excellence

Winchester has a well-deserved reputation for academic success. It attracts bright pupils, who thrive amongst like-minded friends, and fulfil their potential. After Winchester, pupils progress to top universities in the UK and abroad.



Building an extra-curricular community

“It’s very easy to find friends you can relate to.”

Outside the classrooms and boarding houses, pupils form friendships through the many clubs and societies on offer. New clubs are formed when interests are shared, and many societies date back a hundred or more years. A huge choice of activities, both sporting and cultural, give pupils the chance to balance their academic schedules with broader and less pressurised pursuits.

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The soul of the school

In tune with the traditions of his time, William of Wykeham specified an expert choir as part of his original foundation. Winchester is the only school where this tradition continues. As musical practice has evolved, so our provision has expanded. Most pupils learn to play an instrument; many learn two or three, taught by the Music School’s own dons, with support from a team of over fifty visiting musicians. The school’s many orchestras and choirs perform in public, make recordings and go on tours overseas. All of these make music central to life at Winchester.

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Music wide


Creative & dramatic expression

With its own theatre and Art School, abundant dramatic societies and elective creative activities, Winchester provides many opportunities for participation and self-expression in the arts.

“An education through Art teaches the foundations for independent creative enquiry, supported by a critical and contextual appreciation of those who have gone before us.”



School trips and expeditions

Throughout their time at school, pupils are offered multiple opportunities to expand their understanding of a subject - and the wider world - in a varied programme of school trips, expeditions and excursions.

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