A happy balance

At Winchester, pupils receive more than an excellent academic education. Understanding, encouragement and individual attention are just as important.

Life at Winchester is focused on individuals developing the confidence to contribute to a close-knit community.

Providing a comfortable home is essential if pupils are to make the most of the unique education we offer. Pupils eat in their house each mealtime, talking with their Housemaster, friends and teachers. We believe that conversational ability, developed both inside and outside the classroom, equips them to talk to anyone, in any situation,
about practically anything.


Being attentive & approachable

Taking care of our pupils is of primary importance and we treat each pupil as an individual. Our pastoral care team keep in close contact with each other, and with each child. This provides a complete picture of a child’s welfare, and enables quick responses to any problems if they arise. The result is a highly communicative network that provides practical, timely support - as well as young people who feel comfortable and confident throughout their time at the school.

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Encouraging courtesy & conversation

Winchester College is a full boarding school, with day places available in the Sixth Form only. We offer full boarding for many contemporary reasons, not tradition alone. Boarding at Winchester gives pupils an unmatched experience of focused learning and friendship. Discussions in class can continue in the house, instilling a lifelong love of debate. In consultation with parents and their children, we accommodate pupils with care, getting to know them first through a personal admissions process.

Conversation Living


Creating a Close Community

Located in and around the school are eleven boarding houses. Many are listed buildings; all offer a comfortable home for around sixty pupils, drawn from each year group. We encourage a sense of community and an appreciation for individual perspectives and interests. Independence and team spirit develop naturally within the houses. Inevitably, living side by side with other young people can also develop patience, understanding and a good sense of humour.



Providing a caring environment

We are dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our pupils, regardless of age, ability, race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation or class.

All staff are committed to providing a caring environment, instilled through a culture of openness and collective responsibility.  

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