The Winchester College community extends well beyond the flint walls. The bonds that develop during a boy’s time at school last a lifetime and Winchester College Society will keep you connected to the school and each other.  

Wide-reaching events

Working with our American and Hong Kong Friends, and the Old Wykehamist Guilds, we host events around the world and at home. Our community includes Old Wykehamists, parents past and present, dons, Old Quiristers, the Friends of Winchester College, and the Crown and Manor Club.  

Inspiring philanthropy

As well as bringing people together, Winchester College Society also encourages a culture of giving. Since its foundation, the school has relied upon philanthropy; William of Wykeham set the example in 1382 with the gift of the school, the land, buildings and an endowment. An integral part of the vision was to provide, through charitable endowment, access to education for those who would benefit most, irrespective of their financial background. The donations received in the past have made the school what it is today. We are carrying on the tradition, fundraising to benefit Wykehamists of the future.  

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“Over the last 10 years, donations have had a significant impact on current Wykehamists. Winchester was founded on philanthropy. This tradition has continued, paving the way for future success. ”

Lorna Stoddart • Director of Development