At Winchester College, academic expectations are high, and success is achieved through a genuine curiosity and love for learning. A Winchester education therefore combines cultural studies in Div with a conventional curriculum of examined subjects. Examined courses are taught by highly qualified subject specialists.


The majority of pupils complete a minimum of nine GCSEs and IGCSEs (all graded 9-1).  

In addition to Div, pupils begin at Winchester in Year 9 studying Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French or German, Geography and Latin. They also study one of the following: Ancient Greek, Spanish, Russian or Chinese, and choose two subjects from Art, Design and Music. 

Towards the end of Year 9, pupils express their preferences for GCSE study. The compulsory subjects (in addition to Div) are English, Mathematics, Latin, French or German, and two or three Sciences. Pupils also choose from among the following to bring the total to nine: History, Geography, Ancient Greek, Art, Design, Music, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. 


Pupils in our sixth form ordinarily study three Cambridge Pre-U subjects alongside Div. Pre-U offers a rigorous academic qualification and an excellent preparation for university study. It provides both learners and teachers with a great deal of flexibility, and speaks well to the educational philosophy embodied in Div. There is generally less prescription than at A-level, and the Pre-U is very good at training soon-to-be undergraduates by fostering the development of student responsibility and independence. Assessment provides differentiation at the highest level.  

Winchester's matriculation results are annually rated.

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Extension studies

In addition to Div, there are opportunities for extension study which include:  

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Olympiad programmes, in which we have a distinguished history of representatives on national teams. Pupils regularly achieve a very high number of gold, silver and bronze medals.  

In Modern Languages, our pupils compete annually both in the UK Linguistics Olympiad, and in the European Commission’s Juvenes Translatores competition, for which Winchester has produced two winners in the last four years against opposition from some 80 UK schools.  

The school’s full calendar of society meetings, in which intellectuals and public figures come to Winchester to share their knowledge and interests with the boys.  

Studium is an annual day for 40+ distinguished speakers to come and talk to us on a wide range of topics.  

The Winchester Symposium programme, a series of Sunday study days held throughout the year, when other schools are invited to join Winchester pupils to hear lectures from university teachers and to engage in symposium discussions.  

Art history  
Design & Technology  
Philosophy and Theology