Match Report

Winchester College Football XVs 2022

17th February 2022
BY Tristan Wigley, Captain, Commoners

Saturday 12 February 2022 was a great day for Commoners.

The first half of the game saw the Reds up by a decent margin of points all half. Using our wind advantage, we managed to make good use of Freddie Von Finck’s (VI Book 1, Kenny's) impressive kicking, and the half-time score of 24-8 to Commoners showed that a seemingly underdog side, having lost a few players to injury, including the captain, were not to be messed with.

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The second half entailed some more weak Commoner defending against the wind but nevertheless we managed to hold on to our lead, adding points to it with a monstrous flier some 8 posts by Von Finck again. We made use of our strong hot and eventually lost the lead five minutes before the end to OTH. However, a few dodgy heels and we managed to get the ball back down OTH's end and score a behind, which was then remarkably converted by an outside-of-the-foot flier by Gianpaolo Cregg (VI Book 1, Trant's). With one minute to go we held on to our lead and a last ditch plant from Avery Goodchild (VI Book 1, Beloe's) allowed Commoners to finish the game one point ahead.

It was a very hard-fought game, one for the spectators, but undoubtedly stoic defending from our Commoner side and a deserved victory.

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