House from Home: Chernocke (Furley's)

23rd February 2021

Located next to the school's extensive sports facilities on Kingsgate Park, Chernocke House is home to sixty boys who enjoy its large garden, library and relative proximity to the main campus. The house was founded in 1859, with the first Housemaster, the Rev'd HJ Wickham, aged only 30, starting with just four boys. It was the Rev'd HJ Wickham who designed the unique desks all first year boys at Winchester use for their evening study, called toys.

The house was named after the founder of an exhibition in the school, Sir Villiers Chernocke, and is now popularly known as Furley's after its third Housemaster, JS Furley (1894 – 1909).

In this video, today's Furleyites share their love of competition, camaraderie and community, created by Alvin Yip (MP).

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