House from Home: Fearon's (Kenny's)

16th March 2021

For their House from Home submission, the 'Kennyites' share what they most enjoy about life in the house, along with insights from some of the first years into how they have settled in.

First impressions

"I really enjoyed my first term at Kenny’s, everything about it has been great and everyone has been very welcoming and kind."

"After a few weeks, everyone feels at home and JP men (first years) rarely get homesick as there is a lot to offer in Winchester College."  

Mugging Hall (study hall)

"Within my first term at Kenny’s, I have enjoyed many things. However the main thing I have enjoyed is our Mugging Hall, it is a good place to get to know people, because in the first year area we have a table football table, where we can have fun, and start talking to people."

"The mugging hall is fantastic, we have two sofas in the first year area which are a communal place where you can sit and talk, they make it a friendly place."

"With a different tutor on duty every night you get to know all of them quickly. If you need help with something it is easy to ask, one of the tutors will definitely know the answer."

"Mugging hall is a great part of Kenny’s, and I reckon I will miss it when I go into 3rd year."

Galleries (dormitories)

"Roommates are changed every term so that everyone gets to know each other well. By the end of the first year, you should know everyone in your house year very well after spending a term in the same gallery." 

House competitions

"What I like about my house is the house competitions, I've been in several including singing, theatre and art. I've enjoyed working with people from other year groups, it's been a really fun way to get to know people."

"There are a lot of really good things about Kenny’s house. The thing I enjoy the most though are the different house competitions I get to participate in. My favourite was the house basketball competition, which was very fun and a unique experience for me."

"In Kenny’s, I have been introduced to many things. My favourite thing has probably been the house events. All first years play a role in the Jun (first year) play. This year it was all on radio, ours was called the ‘Man Who Vanished’ and I played the part of Doctor Harvey. Although different, I thought it was a good time and enjoyed taking part."


"Amongst many things, I have particularly enjoyed having the AstroTurf at Kenny’s called “the yard”. Football is one of the main sports the school offers and being able to practice any time at the house is very helpful. It also provides a good place to socialise with my housemates."

"I really enjoyed learning to play Danish Longball when Mr Hepworth came in to teach us. It was good fun to play and joke around with the new members in Kenny’s JP (first year) and also to get to know the MP (second year) members of the house whom we were playing against."


"I definitely find the breakfast most enjoyable because its such a good meal for the start of the day and it gets you all the energy you need for the school day."

"There are no phones allowed in the dining hall which means that pupils have all the time to socialise and to better know each other."

"There are many things that stand out in Kenny’s such as friendship or the various events that are put on for the pupils. However, there is absolutely one thing that we can not live without and that would be the food."


With thanks to Benedict, David, Freddie, George, Preston, Sebastian, Steven, Tominiyi, William, and Yuki.

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