Freddie and William's Postcard from Home

1st June 2020

From Fourth Year Freddie, “the Elder”

The school’s introduction of the 16+ tests was a surprise to many, but ultimately a useful one. Revision was not a constraint, but a framework, providing valuable structure to each day. The desk in my room has turned from a mountain of papers into my revision workstation, then my school desk, and finally an exam hall. Instead of filing out of New Hall, I close a tab and push back my chair. Instead of hurriedly talking through the exam with classmates as we walk back across Meads, I open WhatsApp to see what my friends made of it. The re-creation isn’t perfect, but it does bring closure. For many subjects, the last time I will be examined on them is in my own room.

The continued work of the Boat Club to ensure all of us keep healthy and cohesive is especially appreciated, providing interactions between all five years, something that leaving our boarding houses removed from our school day. Pastoral support from the housemasters and tutors is as reliable as always. Despite the unprecedented situation, Winchester College continues to evolve to meet the challenges, whether academic, extra-curricular or pastoral.

From Quirister William, ”the Younger”

As a Quirister I would normally sing in the Chapel Choir and at other special events like Amicabilis Concordia, Morning Hills, Illuminā and Glee Club. This year we have recorded a Christmas album at Merton College, performed in Exeter, Greenwich and Chelsea, visited the Baltic States, and sang Carmina Burana at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.

Nowadays we still practice, but using digital music scores, watching Mr Ionascu conduct over Zoom, and listening to Mr Cunningham play over our headphones. Recordings of our individual voices have been assembled into a digital choir to perform Finzi’s God is Gone Up. Quiristers have sung at Winchester College for over 600 years, we are not stopping now!

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