Spring Up Exhibition

27th March 2020
BY Mike Bruzon, Head of Art

Spring Up was a community art exhibition open to all Winchester College employees and their family members. Based loosely on the structure of the Royal Academy’s Summer exhibition, it was intended as a celebration of creativity for all, with every member of our community invited to submit works.

Looking through the submissions, it quickly became apparent that a significant number of our company have been diligently working behind closed doors on a secretive creative practice. The Art School team were overwhelmed by the rich and varied response of clever, sincere and sensitively executed works. It should not be overlooked how daunting it can be to publicly exhibit what for many is a private practice.

Thematically the show was multifaceted, taking visitors from pre-history, through the present day, around the globe and off on to interstellar canine travel; it was wonderful. We were treated to over eighty works submitted from sixteen departments, from gardeners and porters through to young children and teaching staff. It was a fabulous, colourful, eclectic mix of paintings, drawings, textiles, sculpture, installation and photography. As the doors to the Angelus gallery closed a little earlier than we were expecting, we have moved a selection from the exhibition online.

Main image: Alex Forsyth, 'Dungeness', Screen print on board

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