Satellite Studios: Virtual Art School

22nd May 2020
BY Michael Bruzon, Head of Art

Where conventional perceptions of Art education might conjure imagery of studio-centred teaching, one could forgive our pupils for any initial feelings of uncertainty about the prospect of remote learning away from Art School.

However, irrespective of geographical location or available resources, good artists make meaning from looking carefully at their surroundings, thinking critically about their situation, about cultural contexts and by responding accordingly to a given situation or framework. This term things have been no different as boys have been encouraged to develop new skill sets, to experiment with materials and process, and to make critical, personal responses.

The galleries below show a selection of work by First Year pupils, created over the past four weeks.

In simple terms, they have been magnificent. In the first half of Cloister Time, they have adapted well to their new learning context as they have developed a foundation in skills and techniques ranging from digital painting to mixed media drawing, collage, paper construction, photography and sight specific responses. They have created an understanding of how their surroundings can be adapted to complement the development of imaginative, personal responses and I look forward to seeing how this evolves in the second half of term.

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