"A Performance Like No Other"

29th March 2022
BY Shloak Shah and Hugo Dunfield-Prayero

On 24 March 2022, curtains opened. An audience of hundreds held their breath. And a performance like no other began. But before that could all happen, a cast and crew of 33 students, across all houses and years, had to come together in order for such an endeavour to play out as spectacularly as it did.

We have yet to meet a person in the whole school who didn’t have a thoroughly enjoyable experience watching the production. A combination of a witty script and expressive actors made A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a play with a serious premise, but an entertaining, comedic execution. The actors were backed up by a legion of devoted crewmembers who, though never onstage themselves, made a massive impact on our experience watching the play, working behind-the-scenes on everything we saw, from the makeup on the actors’ faces to the set design.

The cast and crew of the play worked tirelessly, from before December break up to opening night, all while juggling the weight of schoolwork and extracurricular fixtures. According to Hugo Poland Bowen (JP, Cook's), who played Puck, the rehearsals were a “great environment to be in”, with all involved being “really supportive and excited, and (giving) all of their time and energy to the play."

We’d like to congratulate all those who participated in the play, from its conception to its final showing on Saturday night. Thank you all for giving us this priceless experience!

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