Pupils Broadcast 12 Hour Live Performance in Aid of Charity

27th February 2024

Last Sunday, the Charities Committee set out to raise £3,000 for our new school charity, SolarAid, by organising a 12-hour performance of both music and drama. The theme of the performances was a journey through history, with pieces being taken from throughout the College's history, beginning in 1382 right up to the present day.

Despite some initial technical issues that were quickly rectified, the performers forged ahead and the event began with a reading of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and ended with a variety of pop music played by the school bands.

Other highlights included spectacular readings of Shakespeare extracts, and performances from the College's close harmony group Cantores Episcopi and CS Quintet.

The fundraising target of £3,000 will be enough to deliver 200 new solar lamps to people in Sub-Saharan Africa. These solar lamps provide a light source for people currently living without electricity, allowing them to continue their lives after the sun sets. Without them, families have to resort to using dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps or candles.

The lamps help children to do their homework, medical professionals to carry on working and farmers to sort crops after dark. They also empower female business owners to act as solar entrepreneurs, and to bring light to the most remote communities.

You can learn more about the valuable work that SolarAid does, here.

Any donations to help the Charities Committee reach their goal would be gratefully received. You can donate, here.

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