The Wykeham Journal

An annual publication focused on providing an insight into life at Winchester College, as well as reviewing progress of fundraising for the school. It is produced by the Winchester College Society.

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The Wykehamist

The principal school magazine and official record of events. First published in October 1866, The Wykehamist is edited by twelve boys under the supervision of a don and is published each term. It provides boys with an opportunity to learn and develop skills in journalism, feature writing, photography and design. 

The Wykehamist January 2020


A boy-led newsletter which is overseen by a don and is produced regularly throughout the academic year. Much of the material relates to school matters but it also has a strong awareness of contemporary issues - national and international - and at times a biting and provocative tone.

Spirit Lamp

A bi-annnual publication, Spirit Lamp is written and edited entirely by boys, overseen by a don. The publication provides readers with many examples of boys’ contemporary writing and poetry. 

The original Spirit Lamp came to prominence when its editor, Sandy Wason, sold it to a Magdalen undergraduate and Old Wykehamist, Lord Alfred Douglas late in 1892. Bosie, as he was known to his friends, already had publishing experience behind him: at Winchester he had co-founded and edited a magazine called The Pentagram. From December 1892 to June 1893, he published poetry and prose in five issues of the Spirit Lamp, which bore the new subtitle 'An Aesthetic, Literary and Critical Magazine'. 

The Trusty Servant

A publication primarily written by the Winchester College Society for alumni, known as ‘Old Wykehamists’. The Trusty Servant is published twice a year and is designed to inform and entertain. It includes articles by current and past members of the school community alike.

Trusty Servant May 2022

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Other publications

The College also produces a number of other publications, written by a variety of contributors including our Headmaster, dons and other individuals who are experts in their respective fields. 

Winchester College War Inscriptions  
Oxford Regius Professors of Greek  
The Architecture of War Cloister  
Bards of a Feather  
Wykeham Manor Walks  

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