Zefaan's Postcard from Home

20th May 2020

This period of self-isolation and quarantine is a new challenge for us all. The school has delved deep into the unchartered waters of online learning; bringing chapel services online, lessons onto Skype, and distributing quizzes and puzzles, via email, which help keep us sane. The extra free time I have, due to the cancellation of public exams, has helped broaden my spectrum of learning, and I am enjoying the opportunity to focus on extra-curricular activities, such as music and photography.

Leaving Winchester to go into lockdown was difficult. Our last Div lesson with Mr Spencer was particularly sad. He kindly arranged for the whole Div group to go into the storage room above Chantry so we would have the opportunity to see it before we left. This photo is the closest thing we currently have to a Leavers photo.

I've been impressed that many Wykehamists have volunteered in supermarkets to stack shelves and a huge number are taking part in fundraising, including the 5K running challenge, Run for Heroes, raising money for the NHS.

The highlight of Cloister Time for me are the outdoor actitivies. The school has an excellent cricket programme and it is a shame that the school cricket season won't go ahead this year. The school’s sporting capabilities, under the leadership of Mr Burley and the hard work of the PE department, are stronger than ever, but we will have to wait for next year to compete. I will also miss CCF as I have been doing it since my second year and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of course, isolation has highlighted some things that I don’t miss about school, such as the commute to lessons, but now looking at it I rather underappreciated being outside!



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