The Evolution of Winchester Match

14th June 2020
BY Suzanne Foster, College Archivist

Winchester Match is the descendant of two earlier events - Eton Match (known as Winchester Day from 2001) and Wykeham Day.

Eton Match was the annual cricket match between Eton and Winchester held at each school alternately. It was originally just the cricket match, held over two days, with a dinner or concert or dance on one of the evenings.

Eton Match, c. 1920

In the mid-1960s, it was still mainly a cricket match but when held at Winchester it also included exhibitions and displays.

It became a one day event in 1985 and from 1991, it became the event we would recognise today and, in 2000, was more formally recognised as a school open day. In 2001, the name changed - Eton Match became Winchester Day. Wykeham Day started in 1996 and was held in September as an open day for OWs.

Things changed again in 2013 when Wykeham Day and Winchester Day were amalgamated to become Winchester Match; a celebratory day open to all members of the school, OWs, staff and former staff.

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