An Ambulance for Ukraine

16th June 2022
BY Jamie Mackinnon, Pupil and Charities Committee Member

Early on the morning of 18 June, as part of Wykeham Day, a group of pupils will set off on static bikes, aiming to cover the distance between London and Lviv (a city in western Ukraine) to raise the £8000 needed to buy a large ambulance to send to Ukraine.

The boys will cycle in 20-minute shifts over the course of the day, with the each house being assigned a static bike to be kept occupied at all times. The bikes will be set up outside the sports centre and a screen in Musa will provide information about the distance covered towards the overall goal.  Books sold on the day will raise funds for the same cause.

We are raising money in support of the EmbraceMe foundation. £8000 would allow the foundation to buy a front-line equipped ambulance, which would provide aid to the civilians affected by the attacks upon cities, such as Severodonetsk. A new ambulance would help prevent more fatalities by provide critical and urgent treatment.


Pupils and staff raised over £13,000 for the EmbraceMe Foundation, which was enough to fund two ambulances to send to Ukraine. The team cycled all day, reaching Mariupol and travelling a total of 2840km. Thank you for all those who donated so generously.

The ambulances were delivered to Winchester College before being sent off to Ukraine the following day to begin their deployment. An Ukrainian news agency, Inter News, picked up on the story and interviewed the Charities team, including Rufus Bowder, Maks Fedorovskyy, Taanvir Sood, Salar Moghadam and myself. The story was broadcast in Ukraine at the end of June.

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