24 Hour Charity Music Festival

18th May 2021
BY Thomas Sharrock, Sixth Form Pupil

A celebration of Music

The COVID-19 pandemic has given all of us the opportunity to think about the things we miss most, and those things we have taken for granted. One of those things has been our ability to get together and put on events for charity. Another has been making music. Making music together and being able to see live music has always been a central part of Winchester College, and we are finally able to do it again.

This is why the Charities Committee decided to hold a 24-Hour Music Festival, to engage the whole school community in music after a music-deprived time. From all corners of the school, members of the Winchester College community are pitching in to help out, with over 50 boys, 20 duty staff, support staff, IT staff, catering staff, teacher musicians and others getting involved to make the event a success.


Live and Online Audiences

We are pleased to be able to welcome an audience of up to 20 people at a time to the performances, as well as livestreaming the entire festival so pupils, parents and staff can watch the whole festival online as its happening. The Charity Committee team had lots to learn in terms of livestreaming and anticipating potential technical issues and we have overcome these barriers together. We are so excited to be back at school attempting this challenge and hoping to raise as much money as possible for the school's chosen charities. 

Playing to Help Others

The Charities Committee is run by sixth form pupils and this year's chosen charities focus on supporting children and young people: the NSPCC, Winchester Young Carers and Stay at School Nepal. Donations can be made through the GoFundMe pages we have created online. Please do support these vital charities, via the links below. Hopefully the music we make will not only bring our friends and families joy, but go a small way toward helping those who need our help most.

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