Joyce Clement

Assistant catering manager

I first started working at Winchester College in 1975 just before my 18th birthday. The head chef at the time was a man called Chef Jones. My abiding memory was when he made me stay until 10pm to master the art of choux pastry.  

I got married in the College Chapel and when I was expecting my first baby, the Queen came to the College. Resting the tray on my bump, I was allowed to serve her a Gin and Tonic. I was thrilled.  

In my time at Winchester College, I have seen lots of changes but the one thing that has not changed is that the boys love their food, appreciate trying different recipes and will soon let you know if it’s a thumbs down.  

I feel a bit like Mr Chips hearing about all the boys I have seen come and go, but I enjoy hearing about their success in whichever path they have taken.