Eve Cavey

Duncan Louis Stewart Natural History Fellow

I studied for my undergraduate degree in Ecology at the University of East Anglia where it was fantastic to have otters and jewel wasps on site. As part of the brilliant team at Winchester, I plan to implement consistent herpetology surveys on campus, as well as set up small mammal hair and footprint tunnels, alongside a larger number of camera traps. I am also starting a hazel woodland coppicing activity for the school's Community Service outreach programme.

Winchester is home to enormous diversity, and I am keen to share this with local primary school pupils and our partnership schools. On cold days, toasting marshmallows in the outdoor classroom is always popular! On the few occasions when I am indoors, I enjoy looking after the Winchester College menagerie, and hope to introduce a large colony of leaf cutter ants. I feel especially privileged to engender a wider understanding and appreciation of the natural world in memory of Duncan Louis Stewart. I get so much pleasure from nature, and this feels like one way to pay it back.