New Simulator Takes Flight

27th September 2022

Winchester's CCF is now equipped with a new simulator, enabling cadets to try their hand at flying aircraft, ranging from the Cessna 172 to the Lockheed SR–71 ‘Blackbird’, as well as sailing various ships. As a result of the new facility, the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force sections have the opportunity to expand on their training and knowledge. It also provides an excellent grounding for cadets who will later have the opportunity to fly with the RAF at Boscombe Down. 

It was former pupil, Gerard Cloke Browne (Toye's, 2014-19) who undertook to overhaul the existing simulator. Having secured funding from an external source, he rebuilt the computer hardware and refurbished all the controls. It is fitting, therefore, that the new simulator room should bear his name.

Our thanks to Gerard for delivering this project, and a special mention to Squadron Leader Graeme Hughes for his assistance with the funding application.

Watch the video below to find out more

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