Music Diploma Success

10th September 2021
BY Nick Salwey, Acting Master of Music

In a normal term, two or three pupils take music diploma exams. However in June, fourteen Winchester College candidates gained their diplomas. Half of them gained distinctions (*). They are all to be commended on plenty of practice during lockdown and hard work, with the guidance of their music tutors, over the summer term.

The 4th year candidates were: ARCO – Edward Bence (Chawker's) organ, ATCL – Angus Benton (Freddie's) voice*, ATCL – David Monahan (Furley's) voice, ATCL – Thomas Sharrock (Coll.) cello, ATCL – Iolo Spier (Coll.) horn, and LTCL – Gregory Wong (Beloe's) violin.

Stephen Lam (Chawker's) gained a distinction in his ATCL on the clarinet despite only being in his 2nd year.

Meanwhile, seven pupils in their final year at Winchester also achieved excellent results: ARSM – Wonjun Lee (Phil's) piano*, ARSM – Kieran Little (Phil's) voice*, ARSM – Nat Morley (Kenny's) piano*, ATCL – Tom Burkill (Furley's) piano, ATCL – Nat Morley (Kenny's) voice, LTCL – Xavier Khalid (Toye's) piano*, and LTCL – Henry Lee (Freddie's)  piano*.

Luke Mitchell (Toye's, 2015-2020) also passed his ARCO diploma, and was awarded the Sawyer & Durrant prizes by the Royal College of Organists.

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