Makyth Ventures: New Entrepreneurship Hub Launch

14th September 2021

Inspired by the College’s Vision for the 21st Century which announced a greater prioritisation of entrepreneurship and innovation, we are delighted to announce the launch of Makyth Ventures.  

Makyth Ventures is Winchester College’s new entrepreneurship & innovation hub, established by seasoned entrepreneurs and focused on equipping Wykehamists with the tools that will help them bring their boldest business ideas to life.

“The innovation hub will cultivate lateral thinking, commercial reasoning, and risk-taking as part of a holistic educational offering”

The hub will collaborate with alumni and the wider College community to help pupils become part of a bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem, bridging the divide between the next generation of innovators and tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.  

This term, Makyth Ventures is running a programme of monthly hands-on workshops for pupils with Old Wykehamist entrepreneurs that will offer a unique insight into their venture-building journeys.  

The innovation hub also aims to offer special events for those parents who would like to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital. 

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