Geography Field Trip

Immersion in Nature

31st October 2022
BY Dr Alex Clayton, Head of Geography

Cabilla, a farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor, is a remarkable destination and makes for an unusual school trip. The 300 acre upland hill farm has begun a 1000-year project to rewild the area and, in doing so, has diversified into providing retreats.

Over Leave-out 24 Year 11 pupils went for an in-depth and immersive experience of nature-based solutions to climate change and associated land-use change issues. Rewilding and reintroduction remain contentious issues in some areas, so it seems necessary to engage deeply with this and is particularly interesting to see a farm embracing these changes.


The trip involved a variety of practical experiences within Cabilla, backed up by a series of academic lectures, which were avidly discussed with dons during meals. Conversations about how dietary change links to this topic were aided by the menu that included wild venison from the Duchy Estate and spectacularly diverse, seasonal vegan cooking. Pupils - and staff - also took to the surf for a visceral engagement with the Cornwall coastline. 

The restoration of the environment at Cabilla makes for a restorative human experience too. Year 11 pupils are in the busiest year of their schooling thus far. Taking time out to immerse them in nature is hugely beneficial to their mental health and hopefully is an option they’ll continue to turn to in later life. 

Visiting Cornwall, rather than further afield, is part of the College's sutainability vision, which includes a commitment to more local school trips. 

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