A More Sustainable School

1st November 2022
BY Alex Clayton, Head of Geography

Global Context

UNEP's Emissions Gap report, published last week, was painful to read. It is clear that the world has some way to go before hitting targets that will avoid the worst impacts of the climate emergency. However, we know that this is no invitation for doomism. There is uncertainty in the global action we will see this decade but, in that uncertainty, there is hope.

Winchester's Response

Within the College we are focusing on translating the urgency of the UN’s message into positive actions from our pupils and staff. This is the appropriate way to communicate to young people. An unflinching consideration of the science is necessary but providing them with agency helps manage their anxiety levels and avoids nihilism.

This year has seen an unprecedented level of activity. Diverse operational changes have occurred and are highlighted by the Bursar's message below. Pupils participate with debates, visiting speakers, a Hampshire-wide Eco Conference and a pupil-led Climate themed week. We are also seeing an unprecedented interest in ‘green’ focused societies, dietary change and a flood of relevant EPQ titles. It seems that we are reaching an internal positive tipping point.

Developing Sustainability: An Update from the Bursar

Looking ahead

Whilst we recognise that all of us have more to do, we are proud of the changes we have made over the last couple of years and are determined to use this momentum to increase the speed of our transition.

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