Drew Travel Art Exhibition

24th May 2019

The opening of the 2019 Drew Travel art exhibition in the Angelus Gallery on 18th May 2019 marked the culmination of months of planning, travelling and artistic endeavour.

Earlier this year, following submission of detailed funding proposals to the school to support their projects, boys from the 4th year travelled independently to a European city of their choice to seek inspiration for their artworks. Aix-en-Provence, Amsterdam, Berlin, Pompeii and Venice provided the settings and source material, before they each returned to the Art School to develop their creative ideas.

The process was designed to encourage independence and the evolution of creativity, whilst retaining the structures set out in their original proposals. The result is a diverse, engaging exhibition featuring painting, sculpture, print-making, drawing and video installation.

The 2019 Drew Travel Scholars are: Takenori Maruyama, JJ Schwabach, Debo Laoye, Frederick Byers, Seb Longman, George Coombs, Patrick Whelan, Romarho Ibru, Jacob Mallabone, Oliver Roberts, Jeyoung Lee, and Basil Barter.

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