Climate Week

8th November 2022
BY Oscar Mitcham, Sixth Form pupil

As a student body, we need to demonstrate that the climate is at the top of our priorities. Last time we had a net zero petition, over 600 pupils signed. However, we need to ensure there is action taken and real progress. In line with COP27, the Sustainability Society - a pupil led organisation - has organised a Climate Week with a wide range of talks and activities to inform and inspire change. 

These include a net zero petition, progress on the Elizabeth Project, a film showing of Catching the Sun about the solar panel industry, an En-ROADs workshop, a mock COP27 with Model UN Society, a talk from Alexander Heavens about Climate Income and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and the unveiling of a school Environmental Committee.

More trees on site

The Elizabeth Project is a tree planting project led by Sebastian Fennell and Felix Von-Moltke. This week they will begin preparing the ground for this term's tree planting and hope to get as many people from the school involved as possible.


En-ROADs is an amazing tool for modelling the global impacts of Climate policy. It is also full of nuance and useful insights. Head of Geography, Dr Clayton, is an En-ROADs ambassador and will lead this workshop, for all pupils, during tutor hour this week.

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based practice from behavioural psychology, which culminates in a method of how to speak to someone in a way that motivates them to make a change. Pupils are invited to attend a course delivered by Vince Schutt from Environmentum.


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