Winchester rower sets new British record

26th April 2021

During the Easter holiday, second year pupil Lawrence completed a 60-minute session on his ergometer and beat the British record. He achieved a distance of 15,662 meters and now holds the British record in the 13 -14 years age range.

Lawrence is part of our J15 rowing squad at Winchester. It is a very competitive group within the boat club. Lawrence and his teammates have not been able to attend external events and races, due to COVID, so competing on the ergometer has been one of their few outlets to test themselves against the rest of the rowing world. Lawrence chose the 60-minute record as something he wanted to pursue and is very self-motivated. Whilst the coaching team was there to provide advice and support, this was very much his project and his achievement. It is physically and mentally tough to spend 60 minutes on a rowing machine, especially working this hard and maintaining this pace, and therefore this was a very impressive performance.

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