Sonja Barber

Matron, Morshead's

When people ask me what I do and I say I am a matron in a boarding house they are often none the wiser. I often distil the role down to ‘finder of lost objects.’

In reality being a matron is a hugely varied role but I believe the core tenet is to ensure the pupils feel secure and happy. This involves knowing them well and ensuring they are confident that you will try to help them with whatever problem they bring to you.

I joined Morshead’s in 2021 having spent the previous 12 years caring for boys at Malvern College. The move was precipitated by the arrival of my first grandchild and a desire to move closer to my family. It has been a very happy change for me and I am now kept as busy in the holidays as during term time. When I do have some free time I enjoy walking with Bella the chihuahua in a rucksack on my back, cycling with Bella in a basket on the front, and shooting arrows with Bella safely locked in the house.