Year 12

I’m proud to be part of a school which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t stuck somewhere in the 14th Century, but rather trail blazing into the future. To be part of a school that applauds diversity and ensures inclusivity by acknowledging that there is no such thing as an ideal student, but understands the power of the individual, is outstanding. I find myself immersed in a unique bubble that is not accessible or replicable elsewhere. It’s enabled me to provide a personal re-start for myself: studying smarter not harder, involving myself in everything I can. It's due to this understanding that I relish the effort I put into my time during Sixth Form, knowing that it’s not wasted. If things become hard, the tutors are on hand to steer you through it all. Again, it might come as a surprise, but they do live in the real world and are keen to hear what you can contribute to life at Winchester. Being able to bring a new perspective to the table is invaluable here, and helps foster the environment of learning and understanding across the landscapes of all pupils.