Walking for Ukraine

7th March 2022

Yesterday a team from Winchester took on a 16-mile walk to raise funds for the Ukraine Crisis Appeal. With an early start, the team made their way to Old Winchester Hill near the Meon Valley to begin their journey back to Winchester on foot.

Housemaster of Trant's, Steve Rich, who organised the walk, said: "Our peaceful walk will be in stark contrast to the dreadful events currently unfolding in Ukraine, which have left many of us despairing and feeling helpless. In situations such as this, one of the few things we as individuals can do is to reach into our pockets and donate to those charities which have the ability to alleviate suffering in the areas affected, and there seems to be no charity better equipped to do this than the Red Cross. 

We hope that parents, relatives, fellow pupils and colleagues from across the Wykehamical community will encourage those walking by making a donation to this very worthwhile cause. Thank you to all those who have walked and donated for your support." 

The initial fundraising target of £5,000 has already been exceeded, and it is hoped that a great deal more will be raised.

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