The Return of The Wykehamist

23rd January 2020
BY Mr Liam Dunne, Head of Theology and Philosophy

The Wykehamist has long been the school's pupil-written record of the different kinds of things that go on during a term at Winchester College.

Written, edited and illustrated entirely by boys currently in the school, it covers key events from the past term, along with more personal opinion pieces. The latest edition looks at what motivates a Wykehamist to pursue the interests he chooses as school. From singing in Chapel Choir, to committing to CCF, or spending time coding, acting or rowing on the river? It includes articles ranging from the questions raised by last year's Studium to the future for money. There is also an excellent editorial in defence of Div by student editor Matthew Given.


“The ability to open one's mind to new perspectives is an invaluable life skill that extends far beyond the classroom. In today's increasingly divided society, searching for common ground is essential to bring about meaningful change.”

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