Studium I Speaker Programme

20th October 2022

We are fortunate to welcome a broad variety of industry leading speakers this year, including software engineers, scientists, medical researchers, craftsmen, military personnel, political correspondents, authors, journalists and a former Chairman of the BBC.

Studium II line-up

Ian Alexander, former Requirement Engineer and author of 25 peer-reviewed engineering papers and several books, including: “Writing Better Requirements” and “Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases.” – If Software is worth doing, it’s worth designing badly!

Dr. Tim Douglas, researcher and lecturer in biomaterials at Lancaster University – How Languages Can Change a Scientist’s Life.

Professor Margot Gosney, author and researcher, Dr Gosney’s specialised in the care of older people. Her research has included work with internationally known chefs and large food companies – Medicine is not what you think is it!

Luke Hughes, furniture designer for significant architectural settings, including the British Embassy in Moscow, the New Parliamentary Building, the UK Supreme Court and more – The relevance of the Arts & Crafts Movement in a post-industrial age.

Sir Hew Pike, former Commandant of the RMA Sandhurst with a comprehensive military career, Sir Pike has written books regarding his military forebears – The Just War. Some reflections from recent history.

Graham Stewart, author of 6 books including the official history of The Times and Parliamentary lobby correspondent – How to launch a magazine – and build its circulation.

Jeremy Douglas, Winchester College don – Wires and Wireless – The Great Grandparents of the Internet.

Robert Hardman, journalist, author, commentator and film-maker specialising in the monarchy – The (real) Crown: How Queen Elizabeth II built the modern monarchy.

Jeremy Musson, architectural historian, former architectural editor of Country Life and television presenter – Country Houses and the new century: what’s the future?

Tim Toyne Sewell, former British Army office holding the rank of Major General – A Life of Curiosity.

James Sproule, Chief Economist of Handelsbanken UK and former Senior Business Advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson – The Intellectual Revolution – how value is likely to be created in the future.

Rebecca Stephens MBE, journalist and first British woman to have climbed Everest and the Seven Summits – In search of your Everest.

David Clementi & Paresh Thakrar, Sir David Clementi is a former Warden of Winchester College, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the BBC – Life, Career & Lessons.

Neil & Hugh Ferris, Hugh Ferris is a presenter on BBC Sports News and Neil Ferris is the Director of the BBC Symphony Chorus – The BBC Brothers.

Matthew Rice, writer, author, illustrator and designer – Why Classicism is the Language of Power, but the Houses of Parliament are Gothic.

Air Commodore David Rowland, Head of the Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre – Friend or Foe – How Artificial Intelligence is transforming Defence Operations.

Robert Sackville-West, author and publisher – The Quest for the Last of the First World War.

Homer Sykes, documentary and news feature magazine photographer – Homer Sykes, 50 Years of Documenting Britain.

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