Resilience 2022 Tickets On Sale

21st March 2022
BY Thomas Sharrock, President of Sustainable Fashion Society and Co-lead designer
On Thursday 5 May, at 6pm, students from Winchester College, St Swithun’s School and Peter Symonds College will take over Winchester College's Flint Court for Resilience 2022, a fashion show and auction in aid of Naomi House & Jacksplace. 

A student-led collaboration

Resilience 2022 is a fashion show, the goal of which is to showcase the phenomenal breadth of expression we have at our disposal every day when choosing what to wear. The Sustainable Fashion Society began as a collaboration between Winchester College and St. Swithun’s School but Resilience 2022 will play host to three separate “Fashion House” entities: Winchester College, St. Swithun’s School and Peter Symonds College.


Our mission

Whether you like it or not, fashion ties us all together. We all wear clothes, and the vast majority of us choose our own clothes, both when we are buying them and when we are putting them on in the morning, even if it’s only done without much thought. When was the last time you went outside and saw someone wearing exactly the same outfit as you? And if they were, was it the same size? Did they wear it in the same way? Were they trying to say something different? 

The fashion industry alone accounts for 10% of all CO2 emissions on our planet, more than international flights and maritime shipping! The impact of fast fashion means that we wear each item of clothing an average of seven times. To that end, in running a fashion show, we are engaging with a monster much bigger than us, yet pertinent to all of us.

Resilience 2022 challenges our fashion industry’s norms. Since January, we have been working with the Naomi House & Jacksplace charity shop, exchanging time volunteering for clothes for our runway. All the money collected from the show will be donated back to the charity. Over the past three months, we’ve gathered some truly remarkable pieces – including a £200 pair of Whistle’s jeans from Selfridges, still with the label on! On the flip side, we found a leather bomber jacket with various embroideries on it that’s clearly had years of use but looks all the better for it. 

Be part of Resilience 2022

The fashion show will take place in Flint Court on 5 May at 18:00. Entry will be via the Porter’s Lodge on College Street at Winchester College. Tickets are now on sale, with the option to order a vegan, carbon-0 meal to enjoy during the event. At the end of the catwalk, we will be auctioning off most of the items, with opening bids at the charity shop prices.

This is a  unique collaboration between students from three schools to raise awareness and support an amazing charity. Our team comprises over 20 models, 30 designers and 20 members of the organisational committee. We are committed to tackling gender norms and expanding the remit of expression beyond what you may expect. We’re excited to show you what we’ve created – so please book now! If you can't attend the show, you can still make a donation, and please follow us on social media for auction news and updates.

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“Our goal is to showcase the phenomenal breadth of expression we have at our disposal every day.”