Nat's Postcard from Home

15th May 2020

Quarantine has its hard moments: it’s sad that I can’t go outside much and that I can’t see my friends. I am stuck at home in London with my family, and going out has been risky. Not only because the police tell you off if you aren’t obviously exercising (as I discovered) but also due to the sheer number of people that suddenly filled the streets and parks; sunlight seems to appeal to everyone more than ever now that they're meant to be staying inside!

But in an odd and optimistic way, this period could be seen as a blessing, just in a very good disguise. Online lessons work just as well as normal lessons and now that I can’t leave the house without being accosted (unless I’m vigorously working-out) it has given me more time to focus on things that I love and discover new things I'm interested in. Most of my attention has been on my music and, over the past few weeks, I've developed a love for tonal harmony and the theories behind it. As I haven’t had so many school commitments, I’ve been able to read a lot about it and discover authors and theorists, such as Ernst Levy or Steve Coleman, who I might never have come across if I wasn't stuck indoors.

I’m trying to keep myself occupied, being productive, trying to use my phone less, and cut down on screen time when I can. That said, I feel that there is a tendency for people in lock-down to think that they must endeavour to become their “best self,” to make the most of this situation. Although it’s great to keep yourself interested throughout this period, I think it’s also fine to just continue with life as normal (or as normal as possible): relax and binge-watch tv! These are weird times, and what's most important is staying happy and safe!

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