Matthew's Postcard from Home

29th April 2020

Lockdown so far has taken some getting used to. I often find myself staring out of one window in particular, with a view of the nearby woods

Even while we are confined to our homes, spring has flourished. I wake to a chorus of birdsong, with the early morning sunlight streaming through my window.

My saving grace this Easter were the lectures that professors from Cambridge University and several schools, including Winchester, organised, with a wide breadth of topics from law to theoretical physics. I signed up immediately when an invitation was sent to me by my housemaster, Dr Hodgins. I have also made use of my free time by joining the Fabian Society and recently wrote an article for the Young Fabians. They have also hosted several interesting lectures, my favourite being one by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC.

Lockdown leaves plenty of time for reading and I have thoroughly enjoyed Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, Guide to Financial Markets by Marc Levinson, as well as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of Machines like Me by Ian McEwan, the Second Master’s book of the week.

Along with the start of Cloister time, remote learning has begun. So far it has been remarkably successful, but I do miss the atmosphere of Winchester, which is truly magical. I long for the return of my trips to JCR for a lemon and lime slush and a doughnut before I head off to Debsoc.

My day often ends with a short walk along the seashore to watch the yellowish-red sun sink into the horizon and think of those whose lives may have changed forever.

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