Damian's Postcard from Home

30th May 2020

If I went back in time, and told myself a year ago that I would now be at home, doing online lessons, because of a global pandemic sweeping the world, I think I may have laughed at myself. It really feels strange that the world has gone into lockdown, and everyone is trying their best to continue with their daily lives in spite of it. My Div don’s description that this year will be “the year where history didn’t happen” seems apt. All I know is that, despite the sudden changes, life slowly trudges on; a testament to the strength of humans to continue moving despite dire circumstances.

School from home is a very different experience, and one that I’m not sure I’ll ever be used to, though I understand everyone across the Winchester community is trying to cope. This is especially true because of the time difference, which means my free time is mostly in the mornings. I do miss boarding with all my housemates, the walk to Flint Court every morning, and the feeling of being in a classroom with my classmates and don. Most of all, the schoolboy banter that ensues every day at Cook’s (Du Boulay's) is something that can’t be replicated.

The holidays are uneventful for obvious reasons, so I’ve been recently trying to get back into things that I’ve missed after being in England for these past few years. I’ve tried to pick up reading again. Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is an excellent read for anyone interested in Quantum Physics and the nature of the universe. I’ve also tried to re-connect with many of the friends whom I’d lost contact with as a result of studying abroad, and I was very glad to find that they are still doing well and haven’t changed at all. Obviously being a year away from GCSEs means the workload is ever-increasing, but in times like these, I feel it is more critical to remain calm and tackle the present, instead of fretting too much over the future, especially given the uncertainty.

The situation in Hong Kong is improving. While the streets are still quieter than usual and everyone keeps to themselves, with a mask on, the Government is lifting restrictions, businesses are re-opening, and many affected people are recovering. Without its crowded streets and busy commerce, Hong Kong doesn’t feel the same, although recently my family and I have been able to escape the house and eat out more frequently.

I sincerely hope that everyone within the community is safe. I dearly look forward to the return, and I’m sure that soon enough I’ll be facing the familiar doors of my boarding house, only to realise that I’ve forgotten the code once again!

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