Creative Writing Collaboration

13th May 2022
BY Jack Le-Men (F) and Darsh Gupta (F), Pupils, Creative Writing Society

On Thursday 5 May, the Creative Writing Society celebrated the culmination of their collaboration with Winton Community Academy, led by president of the society, Ed Haslam-Jones (VIth Book, Trant’s).

This event was an opportunity for everyone to share their own writing styles and techniques. The writers had almost complete freedom. They could create a piece about anything, as long as it included seven motifs or common aspects. The pieces had a wide range of form and genre – ranging from realistic and dark traumatic pasts to comedic science fiction, and from short vignettes to stories longer than eight thousand words. Each writer demonstrated his or her amazing capabilities with language, form, and style, exploring different narrative styles and different ways to immerse the reader into each world of imagination.

This was as much an exercise in courage and confidence, as it was creative ability, as each piece was read aloud, discussed, and deconstructed. As a group, the writers explored different methods of dialogue and worldbuilding, expanding their own abilities for future projects.

The collaboration began in February with online sessions and Teams meetings. The writers worked on their stories over the Easter break and this final session was a chance to meet in person and share their work. An incredible work-ethic and passion for the art of creative writing was displayed throughout the months spent on the exercise.

We hope that we get the chance to have another collaborative project and we highly recommend the anthology, when it comes out.

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