Bushcraft Training

8th November 2020

During a frosty week at the start of November, the new Duncan Louis Stewart NHS Fellow, Dan Wright, led pupils in their first survival training sessions. Boys from the upper years enjoyed learning bushcraft skills as part of one of their Div sessions, whilst younger boys were able to join in over the weekend. 


The Duncan Louis Stewart NHS Fellowship aims to give more students opportunities to experience the outdoors and understand their environment. The extensive natural environment on our doorstep offers plenty of space for investigation and a rich biodiversity to explore.   

The location for the boys' camp on this occasion was Gunners Hole Island, the original school natural swimming pool.  Pupils were taught the basics of  fire building, lighting and cooking outside, with bacon, vegan sausages and marshmallows as the reward for their hard work. 

“Mr Wright captivated our div through personal anecdotes and his extensive bushcraft skills. His enthusiasm transferred over to us; it was a mixture of fun and education.”

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