Anvesh's Postcard from Home

2nd July 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic brought about anxiety, confusion, and negativity in a very short period of time. Lockdown was imposed, we were sent away from the boarding house back to our homes and I found myself holed up in this sleepy, little village. Initially I found it hard to make my days more interesting but hanging out more with my sister helped me come up with creative ways to have fun.

My sister, who’s been away at university in the States, was forced to come home because of the pandemic and conveniently got a new car, which I was elated about! From then on I began my continuous pestering for McDonalds drive-thru, as soon as it re-opened. We have also been on many walks, trying to find new spots where we live, which to me feels like the middle of nowhere.

I've also been learning childhood street games that my parents used to play in India. The game ‘Satolia’ (Seven Stones) consists of two teams: one must build a small tower out of stones, and the other team tries to prevent them from rebuilding it once they've knocked it over with a soft ball. The first team must rebuild it without getting tagged by the other team. It may sound easy but you get really exhausted after a couple of rounds! Because we have been blessed with such amazing weather, I’ve spent most of my evenings playing this with my family, once my parents get back home from work.

Baking is another thing I have really been enjoying during my free time. My sister has introduced me to lots of cool new recipes to try out and I've experimented more. I enjoy baking as it de-stresses me but, more importantly, I get to eat all the sweet food I make.

Even though I miss being at school with my friends, my time at home has allowed me to reconnect with my family, especially with my sister, even though she still gets on my nerves sometimes.

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