A Blank Sheet of Paper

4th February 2020
BY Ben Logan, pupil

The DT department recently welcomed Andy Ramus and Kate Metzdorff from AR Design Studios, based in Winchester, to run a workshop for pupils interested in architecture. They took us through the processes of designing a home based on a client’s specifications and explained how they find inspiration for their builds through research, the site’s characteristics and their everyday lives.

Each group was assigned a famous person for whom they had to create a house. Next, we went to a spot by the river on Lavender Meads where we spent 15 minutes assessing the site, looking for the best views, and developing ideas.

Upon our return to the studio, we researched our clients and began to make rough sketches of the houses we had conceptualised in the field. Following this, rough models were made out of cardboard, masking tape, and a lot of glue. We also created floor plans and hand-drawn rendering.

Each of the three teams presented their design, elaborating on where they had drawn inspiration, and explaining how the design met the client's requirements. This was modelled on how profesisonal architects pitch and present their own work.

The workshop gave us an idea of what a career in architecture would entail and an insight into the average day for an architect (albeit in an accelerated fashion.)

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