Pupil launches new Climate Newsletter

9th May 2022
BY Oscar Mitcham, Sixth Form Pupil (H)

There is a lot of information available about climate change and, in creating this newsletter, I didn’t want to just add to that.

My aim is to get important information, in a concise way, to people’s inboxes. My newsletter offers lots of further ways to engage and learn more about the crisis; strives to always maintain hope; and covers issues of both global and local scales.  

In terms of tone and content, I have tried to strike a happy medium between the technical and the legible, so whether you’re the kind of person who avoids complicated stats or who indulges in them, there’s something for you. I hope it will start conversations and provoke discussions amongst friends and family about climate. There is also a list of resources providing more information about where to get science news, NGOs preserving biodiversity, activist groups. and more.

I’m grateful to Sustainability Soc for helping me set this up and Dr Clayton for his encouragements.

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