Common Time 2019

Wincoll Football

Winkie Scrum

Winchester Football is unique to the School. It is played with a soccer ball but it includes a rugby-like scrum. The game is played in Common Time between January and March.

There are House competitions on Palmer Field. At a senior level, the school divides into three groups: College, Old Tutors' Houses and Commoners. College play in blue and white hoops, O.T.H in brown and white, and Commoners in red and white.

The big games, XVs in February and VIs in March, attract fervent support. No travelling is necessary, and there is no need to match the standards of other schools. The game can be played in muddy conditions, or in dry. No great hand-eye coordination is required.

The game takes relatively little time: the house games are twenty minutes each way, and the big games thirty minutes each way. The object of the game is to kick the ball over your opponents' goal line.