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For all enquiries connected with PE or the sporting programme in general, please telephone the PE Reception Centre on (01962) 621154.

Sports Fixtures Cloister Time 2016

Please find this week's cricket programme here and tennis here.
Location of pitches and courts

Sports Results can be found in the News section of the website or on Twitter @WinCollSports

Physical activity and sport play an important part in the busy life of a boy. The opportunities to take part in any number of sporting activities are outstanding.

Few physical activities at Winchester are compulsory. The exceptions for first years are timetabled Physical Education, the sports introduction programme, and Wednesday afternoon compulsory sport. Until Leave Out in Short Half all new boys play soccer. In the second half of this term, and the whole of Cloister Time, boys have a choice of sporting activities to pick from. In Common Time all boys do Winchester College Football at this time.

In all Houses, however, boys must take a certain amount of physical exercise in the course of a week (recorded in a diary) but the choice of that exercise is largely up to the individual. The range of options is very wide and, even for those boys who are not games players, there is plenty to enjoy and find fulfilling.

It is expected that once a boy has chosen an activity he should commit to it, and turn up on a regular basis. There are activities, such as recreational swimming and multi gym that can be dipped into at will.
During their first year in the School all boys have lessons in physical education once a week. These lessons are taught by physical education specialists, and take place mainly within the Physical Education Centre. This consists of a 25m swimming pool, a dojo, a fitness training room and a main sports hall. The aim of these lessons is to develop skills and understanding, which boys may then use in the many sports available outside the timetable. All boys experience a health related exercise course as part of these lessons. The most important aim of this course is for boys to realise the importance of activity for a healthy lifestyle, and to acquire the habit of exercise for life, through enjoyable and rewarding activity.

The playing fields are extensive, with excellent cricket and soccer pitches. There are also courts for squash, rackets, fives and tennis. Golf is played at the nearby Hockley Club. Boys row from the superbly equipped boathouse on the Itchen, and sail on the Solent.

There are professional coaches in cricket, soccer and many other sports. Many of these coaches have reached high professional standards in their chosen field, and offer coaching to the highest level. There are also many subject teachers who are accomplished sports players and coaches in their own rights.

The facilities and level of coaching available at the School provide the boys with the opportunity to reach the highest level of performance in their chosen field. At any one time we have numerous county representatives in a range of sports.

The School has strong and full fixture lists in cricket, soccer and most other sports. Overseas tours take place on a regular basis in cricket, soccer, running, squash, and other sports.

We offer a full programme of House competitions in all the sporting activities, in which all boys are encouraged to participate at whatever level. Some are organised for non-team players. It is possible to take part in all the sports on a purely recreational basis if a boy wishes to do so.     

In celebration of London 2012, the College has compiled a document on 'Wykehamists at the Olympics'. Please click here for a list of Winchester College Olympians.