Common Time 2019


3 Boys playing Rackets

Often quoted as the fastest ball game in the world, rackets inspires and challenges the most gifted of games players. Those with more average ability however, also find the game inspiring to learn.   

Played with a solid ball on a court the size of a small church, the game is a forerunner of squash (the latter coming about as a warm-up exercise for the "real game").  It appears in either singles or doubles form, the latter particularly being a thrilling and exacting test of athleticism, coordination and mental focus.  

At one time the game was traditionally used as a reflex training exercise by the military with several courts dotted around the world, including sixty-eight in India.  Winchester was one of the first schools to introduce a standard sized, enclosed court in 1872.   

Today the game is played in only fourteen schools and a handful of clubs both in the UK and the USA.  Winchester has a flourishing rackets club with over fifty boys playing competitively and recreationally on our two courts. After leaving, many boys will go on to play as adults and will cherish the game for the rest of their lives.    

Winchester plays several School matches a term where parents and visitors are welcome to watch. We field up to eight pairs per fixture.

Great care is taken to ensure that those boys who do not achieve the highest level also gain regular access to court time and tuition so they may savour the unique thrill of this extraordinary game.