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Annual Report

Winchester College Annual Report 2013 

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This is an entirely boy-run newsletter which is overseen by a don and is produced weekly for distribution within the School. It is in A5 format and illustrated in black and white. Much of the material relates to intra-School matters but it also has a strong awareness of contemporary issues - national and international - and at times a biting and provocative tone.

Spirit Lamp

The original Spirit Lamp came to prominence-some might say notoriety-when its editor, Sandy Wason, sold it to a Magdalen undergraduate and Old Wykehamist, Lord Alfred Douglas late in 1892. Bosie, as he was known to his friends, already had publishing experience behind him: at Winchester he had co-founded and edited a magazine called The Pentagram. From December 1892 to June 1893, he published poetry and prose in five issues of the Spirit Lamp, which bore the new subtitle 'An Aesthetic, Literary and Critical Magazine'. The Spirit Lamp was reincarnated in 2006 and is a biannual publication; it is written and edited entirely by boys in the school but overseen by a don. It currently turns a small profit: we hope Lord Alfred Douglas would be proud.

Trusty Servant

This is the major publication of Winchester College Society and is primarily written for Old Wykehamists but because of its interesting content has a sizeable following among current staff and students.


An entirely boy-run magazine which is overseen by a don, this is the major School-produced publication. It appears twice a year and provides boys, along with Quelle, an opportunity to learn and develop skills in journalism, layout and design and the whole business of production of an illustrated magazine in colour. The magazine commenced publication in October 1866. Here is the current number of The Wykehamist.

Further books on the School and books in general can be bought from book sellers P&G Wells who have been on their site next to the School for over 200 years.