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Winchester Physics
Winchester Physics
Winchester Physics

Winchester has a thriving Physics department with specialist Physics teaching staff and two full-time technicians. We emphasise the mathematical nature of Phyiscs and its grounding in experiment while also striving for clear yet rigorous explanation - as Einstein said, "Make things as simple as possible - but no simpler".

Lower School

All pupils study Physics in their first year and the vast majority continue to take IGCSE, on a timetable of four 35-minute lessons a week including at least one double. We start from first principles, while setting a brisk pace; many boys who have not studied Physics as a separate subject before develop great enthusiasm and aptitude for it. There is frequent practical work (pupils can expect to do some almost every week) - and a rigorous approach to the use of equations, units and terminology. Results at IGCSE have been excellent in recent years with over 75% of pupils gaining A* and over 95% gaining A.

VI Book

Between 40 and 50 boys each year typically pursue Physics at VI Book level. Pupils now have eight 35-minute lessons a week including at least two doubles.

We have been committed to Cambridge Pre-U since its inception and have found the linear two-year course excellent in both structure and content. We believe it provides the best available preparation for university study and indeed each year a pleasing number of our physicists go on to read Physics, Natural Sciences and especially Engineering at a range of universities. Results have been very pleasing with over 80% of pupils gaining a Distinction last year.

The emphasis on practical work continues, culminating in the Personal Investigation in which pupils conduct a 4-week suite of experiments of their own design. We also regard "problem-solving" as an essential skill and boys are encouraged to participate in the British Physics Olympiad and similar competitions - this year several boys won Gold medals and one has reached the last 15 in the selection of the national team.