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Pastoral Care

The bursary in spring


Everything we do at Winchester is an aspect of our pastoral care of the boys; classes, sports teams, clubs and societies. We are a fully resident community and we think of ourselves as a network of friends. We offer care with a light touch, so that boys have a sense of independence and freedom to take responsibility for themselves, but at the same time know that they are guided and looked after.

Our aim is to foster a network of good relationships; classroom teachers who observe changes in mood, behaviour, pattern of work; Housemasters who do the same; boys who look after each other. Every Housemaster has a team of Tutors who take an interest in particular groups of boys. The Chaplains and Div Dons underpin this network of support.

We are thus able to maintain an atmosphere in the School which is informal but respectful, intimate but open, relaxed but caring.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is delivered principally through Div as an integrated part of a boy's learning, rather than through discrete lessons. It is also supported by specialist visiting speakers where particular expertise is needed, in addition to Housemasters, and tutors. Lectures are always followed up with an opportunity for discussion in subsequent Div hours.

Through the PSHE programme we are trying to help the boys prepare for life beyond the classroom and the complex and sometimes difficult choices they will face. With this in mind we hope to give them opportunities to: take responsibility, feel positive about themselves, to participate, to make real choices and decisions, meet and work with people, develop relationships, consider social and moral dilemmas, find information and prepare for change.

Over the five years boys will consider a variety of specific topics under the more general headings below:

  • Life skills
  • Sex and relationships
  • Health: physical and mental
  • Substance abuse: drugs, tobacco and alcohol  

For each of the areas they are encouraged to consider a variety of responses to the issues. Many of the ideas raised in PSHE will also arise naturally in conversations with Housemasters, tutors and other subject teachers. The School's pastoral system underpins all that we do in PSHE.   

Mrs Marta Shepherd BCAP is the School's Independent Counsellor and Mrs Janet Budd and Mr Derek Rutherford are Independent Listeners. At another equally reassuring level we maintain a medical centre. For Child Protection or Safeguarding concerns, the School's Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Callum Barnes, can be contacted via safeguarding@wincoll.ac.uk.

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