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Winchester College Medical Centre is open 24 hours a day during term-time. It is staffed by nurses with experience in paediatrics, asthma, allergy and orthopaedics, in order for best practice to be achieved.  We welcome any queries and are happy to discuss any specific medical conditions prior to a boy's arrival at School. Advice re travel vaccines should be sought at least 6 weeks prior to intended departure. 
The nurses are well-supported by a team of doctors, who are also general practitioners at St. Clement’s Surgery in Winchester. A School doctor holds a surgery at the Medical Centre every weekday afternoon. All boys are registered with the School doctors on admission to the School.
It is important for the Medical Centre to be kept informed of all details relating to a boy's health. Matrons must also be made aware of any medicines (including inhalers and creams) that a boy may be taking, and the relevant consent forms completed. 

Whilst it is obviously preferable for our doctors to refer boys to consultants within the local area, we do understand that there may be occasions when it does make more sense for a boy to be seen by a consultant nearer home or, during the holidays, by a family GP where he can be seen as a temporary resident. If this is the case, it is essential that the Consultant/GP writes to the School doctors, in order for us to provide continuity of care and to prevent any unnecessary delays in treatment, at the following address: St Clement's Surgery, Tanner Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8AD Tel: (01962) 852211.
 If a boy is admitted with a potentially serious injury or illness, a member of the healthcare team would endeavour to speak directly to parents as soon as possible. We regret that it is not always practical to contact parents regarding admissions for every minor injury or illness. In this instance, we do rely on Matrons to keep you informed. 
Here is our epidemic protocol  which will be effected immediately we discern the need to do so.
To contact the Medical Centre, please telephone (01962) 621228 or e-mail wcmc@wincoll.ac.uk.

The Health Protection Agency website contains the most up-to-date information on Swine flu, and has contact details of your regional flu response centre should you have any queries or concerns.